We, as a country, as a world, seem to spend most of our energy maintaining the status quo. The hungry in the perpetual search for food, those in power in the holding pattern of trying to maintain that power, those with money endlessly searching for ways to get still more money.

This vast expenditure of energy spent to keep us at our current level, I think, prevents us from being able to comprehend much further into the future. Certainly it prevents us from seeing any future that might vary from our present.

I worry that this, in the end, will be the ultimate downfall of humanity. Whether by our inaction or our inability to think creatively or teach our children to do so.

I think it unlikely now that my parent’s generation and the one before them will ever find the solutions to the problems we currently face. I have no doubt that each of the multitude of individuals responsible for our current line of demise believed completely that they were doing the right thing, although how many of them chose the right thing for themselves over the right thing for humanity or the planet, is something ┬ábest left to their own conscience to debate.

None the less, both, to a lesser and greater degree suffered from the consequences of war. Both to some extent determined ‘never again’, but the solutions they devised have left us with a damaged planet that has never since had a peaceful day.

My generation and the one that hurries after us looks on mournfully or furiously as our elders continue to do their best and fail at improvement. We itch to have a go, we dream of doing better.

But what lessons have we learned if not those taught by our parents, our grandparents and our teachers? How can we teach ourselves the skills, the humility, the empathy and the insight to see more clearly and to find a better way?



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