Backwards 2

To me it does not matter if we have the skills, we must find a way. We must at the very least try our hardest.

It seems there are those in power and in wealth who have always been so. It unlikely that such a person can really understand the necessity of those with nothing and therefore successfully empathise sufficiently to understand the dire need to share that wealth.

Those who have not toiled in the dirt or had to stoop to the least valued professions to sustain their life or the lives of those they love cannot comprehend the impact of those professions on that person, on their feeling of security, worthiness, value and their worth in the world. Consequently they would struggle to comprehend how necessary the NHS or Social Care are, functions of society built specifically to support those in need.

These structures, along with public transport, free education at all levels and ages, a free and fair method of electing our parliament and making it accountable for each individual’s success, not only in our own country but across the world; these functions form what must be the basis for a fairer society.

Equality for all, fair pay and voting rights. The right to follow the religion of your individual choice, and the security to know you can’t be penalised for that choice. The right to marry the person of your choosing and share your life and death with them just like anyone else. The right to choose for yourself when and how you bring a child into the world, so that each child has the best chance and the most likelihood of a loved life.The right, so long as nobody is hurt by it, to be yourself and to be appreciated as such.

The functions of society should help build and support a creative, forward thinking, engaged, optimistic and peaceful electorate that appreciates the rights of others and is able to work hand in hand for the best of the planet.

If these are not the goals and ambitions our nation and our world, then why the hell not!

How have we got ourselves so far off track that we are actually going backwards?

That working hours and pay are actually getting worse?

That our grandparents are stuck in hospital beds on overfilled wards staffed by underappreciated, overworked, underpaid and frankly, exhausted medical staff, when they should be safe in their own homes?

That our children graduate school exhausted and apathetic for their lives.Our young adults leave the universities they were instructed to attend with little hope of a job or place in the world. They have almost no knowledge of how to budget, cook a cheap healthy meal, save for their future, pay a bill or even converse calmly, carefully and diplomatically with an open heart and mind with others so that they can gain insight, empathy and perhaps a new perspective.

And if its so clear to me that it’s all going horribly wrong, why isn’t it clear to our leaders? Where do they think we are going? What do they imagine we want?


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